Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reading the Script

I attended two debates today and was shocked to see the two Republican incumbent candidates again and again read their responses to questions from prepared scripts. The first was John Hartwell and Toni Boucher for State Senate (he's "my" candidate). And the second, Jim Himes (pictured with his family) and Chris Shays for Congress.

As seasoned politicians my expectation was that Toni and Chris would be well versed in all the issues. I had thought that they were prepared. I had hoped that they knew the issues well enough - having been our representatives for many, many years, that they could speak from the heart.

On the other hand, their two challengers John and Jim - not politicians, but proven business executives -- both spoke directly at the audience. They may have had notes, but they did not read them as prepared scripts.

It was almost insulting to have to sit and listen to a canned response versus an open exchange of ideas as the Debate format offers. I clearly have a bias - but I honestly feel that the Democratic challengers outshone thier more seasoned counterparts by speaking simply and straight to the crowd.

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