Monday, October 13, 2008

Lessons from Friends of Long Standing

High School Reunion - 30 Years!

So the full impact of seeing all those familiar faces and the emotional impact of long forgotten memories has not sunk in.

But the dinner the night before with frinds of longest standing -- Barbara Hoffman, Nancy Weiner and Susan Goldberg (maiden names of course), was the most perfect way to re-enter this transient zone of remember when.

I forgot how funny Nancy always was. And I forgot how wise Barbara always was. And I forgot how Susan was freinds with EVERYONE!

Lesson of Day One - we can always start again - no matter how young/old we are. And we can be successful in many things.

Picking up and leaving home at age 46, starting a new life far from what has been a normal day for a lifetime can bring new perspective and talents. Barbara goes from NY society life where she dressed and outfitted the ladies who lunch to a much simpler and happier life in Peach Tree Georgia where she grows tomatoes! Who knew?

And Nancy has a 5-year old when many of us are now looking at colleges. From teaching at a highly regarded private school, she's teaching on a farm. (And looking for a home for a few good goats).

Susan has stayed home (literally and figuratively). But the Scarsdale of past is a different place today and sometimes it seems learning to live with a familiar place with a different set of walls is almost more challenging.

So while you can go home to visit. You take what is best from wherever you've been and you bring it with you wherever you go.

I'd like to have a little more of Barbara, Nancy and Susan here in Wilton.

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