Friday, October 10, 2008

PR Lesson of the Day

When they say "It's the Economy Stupid," what they are really saying is that this is the topic of the day and that's all anyone wants to hear about.

This is an imporant lesson. And once again proves something I learned from Howard Rubenstein - one of the smartest PR guys ever. If you can make your story tie into what is happening in the news, you will get interest and visibility. True then. True today.

What this means for the PR business today is that your story has to relate to the economy to get visibility. In fact a reporter at the WSJ told me that point blank yesterday that unless your story has some relation to the events in the financial markets, it's not a story for the next several weeks, possibily months.

This is an opportunity. If you can get clients and others to pay attention.

But it also works in this election cycle. My candidate has siezed on this issue as issue number one and formulated a distinctive strategy for dealing with a looming budget deficit. And I think he has the right idea.

The question I know need to answer is how to make my business survive at a time when I am seeing clients (and clients of my clients) cut spending way back. This will be a long, hard road.

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