Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nice Works

The takeawawy from Debate watch 3 (and 2 and 1) - is that John McCain could have helped himself a whole lot more if he behaved like a decent human being. If he only had one ounce of sincerity in his voice, one honest look of respect for his challenger -- he could have made the American public actually hear what he said.

But he was petty. He was petulant. And it did not serve him well. Imagine him sitting across from a leader of another country and trying to hold back his small mindedness. If he could not rise to the ocassion and treat Obama and the American public with respect, how can he serve this country?

A debate is not just about works and counter punches. It is a visual contest as well. From the moment McCain gets on stage -- be it while meandering the floor as he did in Debate 2 or smugly smirking as he did last night, he looks profoundly unpresidential.

Obama on the otherhand, demonstrated the poise, calm and patience that one would expect in a leader.

And I love how NPR next day checked all the facts. See link here:

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