Sunday, October 19, 2008


Colin Powell today endorses Barak Obaman. At the core of his endorsement is the issue of "Judgement." Powell says that in watching Obama, he has displayed the judgement required to lead our country. That he is more inclusive, he crosses lines.

He said that Obama is a transformational candidate. He has both style and substance.

Powell said that he has to question McCain's judgement. His lack of judgement was evident in his selection of Palin. It continues with the way in which he has been running the race. The robo calls, the negativity and narrowness. The Republicans move far to the right is also an issue.

He questions how the Republican party at large has conducted itself.

From Meet the Press: "Powell also told NBC’s Tom Brokaw that he was “troubled” by Republicans’ personal attacks on Obama, especially false intimations that Obama was Muslim and the recent focus on Obama’s alleged connections to William Ayers, a co-founder of the radical ’60 Weather Underground.

Stressing that Obama was a lifelong Christian, Powell denounced Republican tactics that he said were insulting not only to to Obama but also to Muslims.

“The really right answer is what if he is?” Powell said, praising the contributions of millions of Muslim citizens to American society.

“I look at these kind of approaches to the campaign, and they trouble me,” Powell said. “Over the last seven weeks, the approach of the Republican Party has become narrower and narrower.”

It has already been called a "racial" move by some on the far right. For shame.

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