Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Writing on the Wall

When my husband was fired from a job many years ago, I suggested that it was actually a good thing. The job was making him miserable. He wouldn't have left on his own, and perhaps this was just what he needed to get excited about something new.

Let's just say all didn't go as planned and now some 20-years later, he's finally on the right track.

So now that I've gotten a strong hint that one of my clients is not totally in love with me - a client I've had for 10 years and provides 80% of my income - I too now have an opportunity to do something about it -- luckily before they do it to me.

I've complained about the constant change in management, the lack of clear direction and the issues with the current team in charge. Truth is, I've been unhappy. But because the money is good, the job a challenge and everyday offers up something new, I've stuck with it.

Now the hard truth is that I should really be looking hard at how I might fire them. I need to realize that I probably can't match the income. But I can find a better client. One who respects what I have to offer. I still get a charge everytime a story ends up with high visibility. I enjoy giving advice that I know makes a difference. Being able to zero in on a solution and know that its the right thing to do, makes my day.

So I love what I do. Now I need to find someone else to do it with. The search is on. Stay tuned.

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