Friday, November 7, 2008

Spending Diet

Since I came back from San Francisco in July, I've been on a spending diet. It's been going better than my "sea food" diet. The one in which I eat everything in sight.

But I've resisted buying. Or at least resisted the high calorie binges. I bought a new bag at TJ Maxx. I successfully shoped for new shoes in Laura's cast-offs (scored some great boots and sandles - it was like minus calories).

It seems that as my spending has shrunk, my waist line has expanded.

But now I'm in trouble. I actually really need a new pair of boots. And not just any boots. I need to replace the great black suede ankle Donald Pliner boots I got on sale 3-years ago for $99. The problem is that the boots I want are like $400. That's fucking crazy. Who spends $400 on boots?

My sister says to think about how many times I'd wear them in a year and then figure out a cost per wear basis to make it more palatable. (Sorry about the food puns - they work).

In an effort to curb my hunger for the $400 Cole Haan Fiona's, I've been on a shopping frenzy. Loehmans, TJ Maxx and every shoe web site known to man. Nothing has satisfied the craving.

Then tonight I decided to check out the boots again at Cole Haan. Guess what? They are actually no longer on their web site. Can it be possible in this market that they have sold out of these ridiculously expensive luxury boots?

If anyone sees anything close to this perfect pair, let me know. I like a slightly pointy toe, a slender but rugged heal and prefer black leather or black suede. The search is one.

Maybe if I lose 10 pounds I'll buy the damn things. Zappos has them....

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Laurie said...

Nordstrom's semi-annual sale - check it out..............

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