Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stump "Best in Show"

I am a dog freak. I greet every dog I see when I walk down the street. And almost always I know what breed it is. Last night at the Westminster Dog Show, a 10-year-old Sussex Spaniel was the winner. Never knew this breed. It was clearly the crowd favorite. It had a great story. And it's tail never stopped wagging.

I went to Westminster about 12-years ago when I was working for Grey. They had the pedigree account and I got tickets to stand at the individual breed contests and after the best of breed was selected, I interviewed the winners to find out what they feed their dogs. It was fascinating. Back stage was like a side-show. Dogs in curlers, dogs upside down. And the people were even more bizarre than some of the dogs. It was quite an event.

The year I went a Clumber Spaniel won. Its trick: it could hold three tennis balls in its mouth. I'd never seen or heard of the dog in my life, but just the next month we went to LA to visit my in-laws and stopped by a friend's house who had --- you guessed it, a clumber spaniel.

What amazed me most about Stump, last night's winner, was that he is 10-years old. That's how old my dogs are now. I doubt they'd get best in anything unless it was snoring or sleeping. Still, according to this article TEXT, Stump does a lot of sleeping as well.

This was one of the first years I actually "picked" the winner.

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