Saturday, February 7, 2009

Poor Michael Phelps

Sorry it's taken 3-days to get this post up. But as a result of the delay, I have more to say.

While I don't really feel sorry for Michael Phelps, I do think the media attention on the poor kid doing a bong hit is way over done. But I also think that's partly his fault. He sold out.

After winning big - and I watched every single one of his wins - the guy snatched up EVERY endorsement deal offered. Kellogg's made sense. Some of the others, not so much. So who drops him immediately? Kellogg's. His image is no longer right for cereal boxes. But Subway stays with him.

Who wins in this pr war? The kid is clearly contrite. He knows he messed up (Mom, I was gonna use another word there, but I thought about my promised - see previous post). His apology was sincere. And if there's one thing I've learned over the past 6-months, is that you have to respond immediately to media questions, no ducking allowed.

My sister had the best response, he should do anti-drug PSA's. But I wonder, will it really ring true? What did he lose? He lost money. Is that the message we want to send today?

ps - full disclosure, I was known to take a bong hit or 2 back in the is NOT going to help his lung capacity.

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Jane said...

RE: Michael Phelps. I have smoked pot twice in my life and both times it was with you - my children. Funny, i was thinking about it today and wondered if we ever did it again would it have any effect on our lives? It sure did on his. What a mess for him. We are too critical of our "heros" and have to remember that we are all humans and sometimes make mistakes. As long as do not hurt others, let us try to enhance our lives, enjoy our time here on earth and have fun! Love you. Mom

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