Monday, February 23, 2009

Boston Bests

I've been to Boston a lot. My sister has lived there since she went to college and never came back. We've done lots of fun things and visited lots of fun places. And we've eaten at amazing restaurants.

We had dinner with Julia Child at L'Espalier. And we ate $300 worth of Sushi at O Ya.

My new favorite (and hers) is Drink. A lovely little bar around the corner from her apartment that would turn me into a daily/nightly imbiber in no time. They don't have a menu or specialty drink. Instead, they ask you what you like to drink and using home made bitters, herbs and even carefully crafted ice cubes designed for specific glasses and drinks, they create drinks just for you.

My sister's current favorite is a green blazer. Chartreuse set on fire, poured between two hot mugs until some of the alchol burns off and then poured into a charming little glass warm but not hot. And when you sip it, it warms you inside out. Just one and I was giggling on the floor.

A must visit.
Drink Here

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