Saturday, February 28, 2009

My "Star" Trainer

In an effort to add more cardio to my fitness routine (hence, lose some weight), I started going to an advanced step class at my gym. I used to do step a lot and thought I was ok. But once I tried the advanced class I realized I was entering a new zone. The instructor had a cult-following. The girls would get there 15-minutes before class. Stake out their "positions" and guard them furiously.

Amy - the instructor - had her favorites. Some had nick names, others were just loyal followers. As I got into the swing of the classes I started to finally "get" her routines, her style and the fandom that followed. Then this week I went online and bought an advanced step video for the days I couldn't get to class. I found a video that looked good - Amy Bento Advanced Step 3 and it came yesterday. When I opened the package I was surprised. The Amy Bento in the video is the same "Amy" who teaches my Saturday morning class.

And those rabid followers in the class? A bunch of them are on her video! I actually find it really inspiring. Amy is in amazing shape and the women in the class are all athletic and toned. So maybe if I stick with it, so will I....

Amy's web site is here

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