Friday, May 8, 2009

What have I learned? Driving 101

Since I know my son does not read my blog, I feel ok blogging about his recent car accident. It was a true example of boy not understanding the power of the machine and driving too fast.

I'm wondering if it is genetic. He get is from both sides.

He's lucky. And we're lucky. He rolled the car into a ditch, blew out the windows, smashed all sides of the car, smashed the hood and was able to walk away with a scratch on his side.

We all know that a new driver is going to have an accident the first year or two of driving. But as Eric said, he was thinking it would be a fender bender.

When I was working for Grey Advertising, they had the account for the Australian Driving safety organization. The ads depicted hard core car accidents and the aftermath of the accidents. Harrowing ads that I said at the time I'd like to make sure my child saw before getting behind the wheel.

Now I have to consider what he has learned. This is a tough lesson. It's about responsibility and being responsible for your actions. What happens as a result of things you do. And the shock of understanding what might have been...


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