Sunday, May 3, 2009

This Year's Vegetable Garden

While I live in the country and have lots of room for a garden, my property is surrounded by a canopy of trees leaving me with unsuitable area for growing vegetables. It's taken me about 15-years to really figure it out. I've always had a vegetable garden. When I was a kid, my job was weeding. Still is.

But not this year. With failure comes wisdom. My garden this year will live on my deck -- the only spot where I get a good 6- hours of sun, a requirement for good plant growth. And with plants all in containers, the weeds will be non-existent (theoretically).

I've planted lettuce, peas, radish, cucumber, broccoli and herbs. Tomatoes to follow as it gets warmer, I've always grown tomatoes on the deck, but this year I'm trying out this new planter that lets them grow upside down.

So far, I'm optimistic. While something seems to be nibbling on the cucumber, they still look robust. The lettuce is filling out. And for the past two days I've been visited by an indigo bunting - a vibrantly blue bird that is of the finch species. And not for nothing, but birds are nesting in my old bird feeder... I feel like this could be a good growing season.


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