Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mine - Needs some Work

I got my first issue of "Mine" magazine this week. I tore right into it, interested to see how a magazine with content that I asked for would read.

I quickly realized that the very nice editors at Mine didn't get "my" order. In place of "Money" I got "Golf Illustrated." While the rest of my family might find that an interesting read, it puts me to sleep. I was hoping for a "here's how to pay for college" story and instead got a photo by photo breakdown of Tiger Wood's swing.

The first story from Real Simple was about juice drinks. Not top of mind for me but an interesting fact: grapefruit juice can extend the duration of prescription drugs. Probably not a good think for those on Cialis.

Second up from Food & Wine - travelling to South Africa. Again, not in my interest area - if they talked about fishing, perhaps.

My favorite story was from InStyle, a magazine I just can't ever find the time or inclination to read. It was about the writer's experience buying custom sized/designed jeans online. If I ever had the courage to take my own measurements I'd definitely try out or

Mine is an interesting experiment. I was apparently not the only one to get the wrong issue. Time admitted to a few mess-ups. Hey, this is new, I understand. There's still time to try it out they have room for more subscribers


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