Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Suicidal Bambi

I've lived in a wooded area of Connecticut long enough to keep a vigilant eye out for deer and other animals on the road. But this morning as I followed a line of traffic, a deer ran out in front of my car in what can only be described as a suiciadal panic. Of course, I hit it.

It landed off to the side of the road in one of those piles you pass all to frequently on side streets. Only this was not a side street. Perhaps the time change confused it and me. And while saying it was on a suicide mission may in some way make me feel less responsible, I just didn't see it coming. According to one statistic there are over 1.5 million crashes involving deer every year. That according to a website -- car-accidents.com -- soley created to cater to those involved in car crashes with deer. (They even ask for your pictures!).

A CT site advises drivers to "move to Hawaii" to avoid hitting deer.

My husband and son both asked "Is the deer dead?" before asking if I was ok.

Our state has come to regard deer as rats with long legs. We now hunt them to cull the herd.

Regardless, I still cried this morning as I drove away. Not the way I wanted to start my day.


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