Sunday, March 22, 2009


Magazines, newspapers and television media have been double hit by both the recession and changing media habits.

This week Time Magazine (in partnership with American Express Publishing) announced a new magazine built by technology. Mine.

Building off the RSS Feeds concept that allows users to customize content delivered to their email based on interest, Time is letting consumers "customize" their own magazines. And they have the option to have it delivered by email or as a printed magazine. Interestingly, it looks like it's free. (But I'd pay just to support the concept).

I signed up as soon as I read about, selecting content from 5 Magazines that Time Editors will assemble. I selected Money, Food & Wine, Real Simple, InStyle and Sports Illustrated. Magazines I like, don't subscribe to and never seem to have the chance to read. I'll get 5 issues delivered (I still prefer to read a magazine the old fashioned way).

This is an interesting experiment by Time. Not only will they attract potential new readers, but they will have a growing list of emails that they can market products to - individuals who are looking for the next best thing.

To get your own copy of Mine, sign up here

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