Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Food, Love, Sex

Newsweek reports this week here about the differences between how men and women write about food. As someone who is an emotional eater, it hit a cord. It was interesting that the story only talked about the differences in how the sexes write about food, and not in how they eat or see food as a part of the larger cycle of romance, love and relationships.

The first book that delivered that message was Like Water for Chocolate. And it changed forever how I saw the relationship between love and food -- or feeding the heart.

I recently traded a batch of ginger cookies for work on my car. Nothing beats great cookies and it's amazing what men will do for them.


Toni Lee said...

Try this link: said...

So glad that you are back to your blog and happy to read it. The egg looked perfectly cooked! Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Brownies work too!

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