Saturday, January 24, 2009

Taking the Train

Sorry for the poor quality of the photo but this was something you had to see to believe. I've been taking the train into NY lately. Between my son wanting/needing the car and my car having troubles -- not to mention my environmental karma points -- the train has been an ok change in routine. (It used to be my daily commute for 15-years until I started working on the West Side).

I've been getting a ride with my neighbor Scott to the train so I have a commuting buddy. When we got off the train in grand central on Friday, I noticed this guy. It was hard to believe a businessman was wearing Rodney Dangerfield golf pants to work. He was in front of us as we walked through the underground tunnel and then went left when we went right. Scott took some shots, but it was dark.

We wondered, what could he do? Golf writer? Garmento? Who would go to work dressed like that? Then as we were parting to head to our respective offices, the guy walks past us on 6th Avenue. That's where Scott got this picture.

I still prefer to drive, but the sights and sounds of NY come into much sharper focus when you take the train.


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